The First Hybrid Cruise To Join Antarctica.

The First Hybrid Cruise To Join Antarctica.

2ndMarch, today in Valparaiso ends one of the most important journeys in shipping history, the MS Roald Amundsen’s cruise in Antarctica.

Leaving 13 days ago from Valparaiso she was the world’s first hybrid-powered cruise to join the white continent, guided by the Captain Torry Sakkariassen. The Ms Roald Amundsen (her name is inspired to the name of the first man, who was able to join the South Pole, the Norwegian Captain Roald Amundsen, in 1911) reached 70º south on 24th February .

Born with the idea to give an unique experience to her guests about nature, she was equipped with large battery packs, which permitted her to reduce fuel consumption by 20% , and a special ice-strengthened design that allows her to reach areas out of the reach of others cruises, for a special journey.

This expedition remembered the original launch to the South Pole, where, in place of the traditional Champagne bottle, it was smashed against the boat an ice block.

The MS Roald Amundsen was already gone down in history last summer, when she established another record, being the first hybrid electric-powered ship to cross over the Northwest Passage.

Now the MS Roald Amundsen will complete one more cruise in Antarctica before heading to Alaska, where she will sail this summer.

Written by Nicolas Spirito

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