Dyena OFFSHORE Premium provides trials data for naval architects.

Southampton, Hampshire, UK.    16th September 2019

Dyena OFFSHORE Premium provides trials data for naval architects.

The global maritime data tracking and shock measurement specialist, Dyena, has launched a version of their monitoring system aimed at supporting Naval Architects running vessel trials.

Dyena OFFSHORE Premium records detailed information on a vessel’s motion, position and performance, through various parameters including pitch, roll, yaw and accelerations in 3 axes. With sampling up to 1000 Hz, all data is recorded alongside GPS data to include SOG, COG, time and position. With upto 2 years memory capacity, the system provides high resolution data for development and long-term trials.

Up to 16 Remote sensors can be mounted on vessel structure or equipment to measure shock and vibration in different locations. With shock mitigation technology enabling boats to be driven harder and faster, determining the effect of impacts on the machinery or electronics is important to their long-term operation.

Installation is simple. The internal GPS antenna and self-calibrating sensors begin recording to the solid-state memory when the unit is powered. Engine data from the vessels NMEA canbus network can be included, providing Naval Architects with a complete analysis package to produce a detailed summary following vessel trials.

For more information, visit http://www.dyena.com or contact a member of the team on +44 (0)2380 231 991 or info@dyena.com

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Dyena | About

  • Dyena Limited was formed in 2005 as a design consultancy by Managing Director, James Glover.
  • Dyena is a multi-faceted design engineering company based in the UK, producing its own range of products and providing consultancy support for clients around the globe.
  • Headquartered in Southampton, UK, Dyena began manufacturing products in 2011.
  • Dyena’s maritime offerings include the design and support of connected ​vessel monitoring and crew tracking, for increased safety and performance, suitable for all vessel types across the commercial marine and defence sector.
  • Dyena’s automatic calibration and on-board processing ensures ease of data gathering, combined with robust reporting.
  • The latest system, Dyena OFFSHORE™, has been designed as an intuitive product with modules to expand the capabilities to include vessel monitoring, crew tracking, health surveillance and conditional-based servicing.
  • Benefits of Dyena OFFSHORE™ include, reduced operating costs, crew safeguarding and connected monitoring and reporting.

Website                       www.dyena.com

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Media Contact:                 Dyena Ltd, OVIC Building, Ocean Way, Southampton, SO14 3JZ, UK
James Glover                     Tel:        +44 (0)2380 231 991                       Email:    jamesglover@dyena.com
+44 (0)7966 169 432                      Web:     http://www.dyena.com

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Media Contact:

James Glover

Dyena Ltd, OVIC Building, Ocean Way, Southampton, SO14 3JZ, UK

Tel: +44 (0)2380 231 991                      Email:    jamesglover@dyena.com
Mob: +44 (0)7966 169 432                     Web:     http://www.dyena.com

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