Warning about EU Bureaucracy on deadlines during the Coronavirus outbreak



Warning about Tender deadlines during the Coronavirus outbreak

Southampton, Hampshire, UK.    25th March 2020

Dyena Ltd. would like to warn other companies not to expect the EU rule makers to relax deadlines because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, but for many businesses it is important to keep the cogs turning and plan for a time when this is behind. Everyone now accepts that we are all affected by this and across the world there is a sense of community with an understanding that some tasks will take longer and that we need to work together.

However, the impact of the Coronavirus on businesses daily operations seems to have not been registered some EU rule makers. Over the weekend Dyena, like many companies, was adjusting its work methods so that staff could work at home, and on Monday put aside their normal work to instead prepare and launch an online forum in an attempt to help Covid-19 researchers connect more easily with the engineering industry if they need to get parts designed or manufactured.

Consequently, they were one day late submitting part of a response to a tender issued by the Ørsted Wind Power Group for a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). Assuming that the mitigating circumstances would be accepted they contacted the contracting authority to request an extension. However, they replied that due to EU Tender Rules no extensions can be given, regardless of the circumstances, removing them from the tender applicants.

Ørsted have been contacted and replied that the current pandemic situation has no effect on the EU tender rules, and although they would have been willing to offer an extension if notified before the deadline, no accommodation for the current difficulties can be given.

James Glover, Managing Director of Dyena Ltd commented, “This is an unbelievable situation. We were requested by Ørsted to be a part of this tender; we have an off-the-shelf solution that would have been cost effective. We had to pay a fee to be allowed to enter and filled in many forms, just to be omitted because we were one day late with a piece of paper. I had diverted our team onto work supporting Covid-19 research, unaware that EU bureaucracy could really be as bad as the Brexitiers claimed.”

Whilst many governments and agencies are actively supporting companies through this crisis, it is important to recognise that bureaucracy works differently around the world. For companies currently in negotiations the advice is to not make assumptions and check that all parties are agreed on the situation as not all countries are experiencing the same level of shut down.


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