Floating Wind Mooring Ewuipment Contract

The order consists of 33 hull brackets, which are used to attach anchoring lines to the hulls on the 11 offshore wind turbines that make up the Hywind Tampen wind farm. The company will also provide ROV tools for possible replacement of the anchor lines.

For Scana Offshore, the Hywind Tampen project will start immediately, with the anchoring equipment being delivered to Kvaerner in the spring of 2021.

“We have a long track record of deliveries to the oil, gas and aquaculture market. Now we are looking forward to delivering mooring equipment to floating wind power as well – a market with great potential. In order to get into offshore wind and aquaculture, we have developed new and cost-reducing technology. The Hywind Tampen contract represents a breakthrough for this technology and provides feedback that Scana Offshore’s focus on continuous product development is the right way to go,” says Torkjell Lisland, managing director of Scana Offshore,.

Equinor is Norway’s state oil and gas company, and its Hywind Tampen floating windfarm is a project to offset the high carbon cost of extracting fossil fuels from the seabed at two of Equinor’s oil fields. It has courted some controversy and even accusations of ‘greenwashing’, as many would argue that using renewable energy to extract oil is counter productive overall, if that oil is then burned.

It could be lauded however for its early adoption and development of floating wind technologies, that may pave the way for further cost saving developments for future offshore wind farms of an overall greener hue.

By Jake Frith

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