Modular Braking System Aids Crane Production

An innovative modular braking system is helping progress offshore crane production.

Stromag, a brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp. and a global provider of turnkey crane braking packages for OEMs, has assisted an OEM offshore crane manufacturer seeking an efficient crane braking system that doesn’t slow down production.

The business was able to offer a solution in the form of its Model SHD1 single-spring hydraulic caliper brakes with a balanced disc and hub. Providing a dynamic braking force of 11kN, where the SHD1 excels is its ease of installation.

The brake is mounted to the rear of the motor, which is flanged and directly connected to a planetary gearhead via a hollow shaft. This eliminates the need for a shaft coupling. As no special support brackets for the brakes are needed, misalignment is not an issue. This allowed the motor supplier to attach the braking system directly to their component, which meant both could be delivered pre-assembled to the offshore crane OEM. Crane production is therefore expedited due to reduced assembly requirements, minimizing lead times to help meet growing demand.

The SHD1 is designed as a modular braking system, allowing easy modification to meet offshore cranes of varying specification. For increased crane loads or speeds, up to five calipers can be mounted on a 445 mm diameter disc. Hydraulic power packs are usually integrated into the system. The brakes also feature a protective cover for opening and lining wear monitoring.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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