Even More Powerful Electric Outboards

As reported in MJ earlier this year, Norwegian company Evoy introduced a 150hp electric outboard motor which was hailed as the most powerful electric outboard in the world.

New, more powerful versions to be added to the Evoy range will comprise 300hp and 450hp units with the 300hp unit being available to pre-order in 2022 and the larger motor in 2024. These more powerful outboards will widen the market considerably and can find application for boats up to 17 metres in length or more. With electric propulsion gaining ground as an ecological means of boat propulsion the availability of these powerful outboard motors could open up new markets and the first applications are likely to be in the workboat sector.

Evoy has focussed on electric propulsion for boats and in addition to these outboard motors under development the company also offers electric motors for installation as inboards. These can be connected to most existing types of propulsion system such as stern drives, water jets and conventional shaft and propeller systems. Currently available is their 400hp motor with 150hp and 230hp versions becoming available next year.

It is thought that the motors that are offered for these inboard installations will be the same motors that will be adopted for use in the development of the outboard motor versions. The motors are cylindrical in cross section and apart from the electrical supply the only connection required is for the water cooling system.

Evoy’s aim is to supply electric motors that can offer a ‘plug and play’ installation with Evoy supplying not just the electric motors in inboard or outboard form but also battery and control systems to complete the installation package.

The initial installations have been mainly used on commercial boats, tenders for Hurtigruten cruise ships and workboats for fish farms but there is scope for wide range of applications for larger electric outboards. Harbour craft where there is quick access to charging points are a logical next step. The battery installation is modular and can be configured to meet the range and speed requirements of the user.

By Dag Pike

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