Cloud Dreams For Navigation Aids Manufacturer

A manufacturer of marine aids to navigation will spend this year focusing on enabling the connection of all its devices to its cloud platform to support low-cost and reliable global asset management and control.

Chris Procter, CEO of Sealite said the pace of innovation in sensor and IoT technologies will continue to support and accelerate product development. The overall goal of the company is to improve operational efficiency and safety for AtoN clients.

He said that Sealite “will be expanding selected manufacturing facilities to increase capacity, shorten lead times, and bring the production of products closer to our customers. Central to this initiative is the commissioning of our third rotational moulding location in the middle of 2020”.

Last year, the company released Star2M, its third business unit. Set up as a cloud-based telecommunications provider for the monitoring and asset management of its marine and aviation products, the unit focuses on satellite-enabled monitoring, control and asset management. The platform is now being successfully used by major port authorities and aquaculture clients.

The next version of its platform, designed to offer expanded features and even more value for customers, will be released shortly.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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