About Us

Who We Are

Maritime Systems is a multi-faceted design engineering company based in the UK, producing its own range of products and providing consultancy support for clients around the globe.

Maritime Systems was established in 2005 as a design consultancy company. In 2011 we began to produce our own range of products as a direct response to the maritime industries requirement to monitor marine personnel’s levels of expose to shock and vibration during their daily activities. All of our devices are designed specifically to be easy to set up and provide data in an understandable format. Features including automatic calibration and on-board processing make gathering useful data a simple process.

The MS Acceleration Recorder was the first product to be released, as a Whole Body Vibration monitoring system, designed specifically as a solution for boats and vehicles that are subject to the latest European Directive on vibration exposure in the workplace.

The MS Acceleration Recorder came about from listening to delegates at successive conferences where the professional industry discussed the future problems of meeting the EU Legislation on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) that is now in effect. Whilst there were plenty of people investigating wave impact effects on boats and crews, using increasingly sophisticated data logging equipment, no one had produced a system suitable for measuring the daily exposure to WBV that presented the data in an understandable way to the professional operator.

The MS OFFSHORE™ system is our latest product, designed as a intuitive product with modules to expand the capabilities to include vessel monitoring, crew tracking, health surveillance and conditional based servicing.