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Who We Are

Maritime Systems is a multi-faceted design engineering company based in the UK, producing its own range of products and providing consultancy support for clients around the world.


Maritime Systems was established in 2005 as a design consultancy company. In 2011 we began to produce our own range of products as a direct response to the maritime industries requirement to monitor marine personnel’s levels of expose to shock and vibration during their daily activities.


All of our devices are designed specifically to be easy to set up and provide data in an understandable format. Features including automatic calibration and on-board processing make gathering useful data a simple process.


Maritime Systems undertakes its own projects and consultancy to external clients.


Maritime Systems designed a new range of boats for AVANTI International to target 4m to 6m luxury tender market.

Includes electric propulsion versions, with autonomous driving in development.

Avanti are currently pre-production and preparing to launch.


England & Wales

Inshore Vessel Monitoring System

In 2022 / 2023 the England Under 12 metre commercial fishing fleet was required to install GPS tracking devices by the Marine Management Authority, MMO.


Maritime Systems was the main supplier of I-VMS, installing a significant greater number than any other supplier.


Offshore Wind is at the beginning of a journey of worldwide adoption as a significant source of energy production. Every major economy with access to suitable coastline has committed to investment in this industrial sector.


To compete with fossil fuels and nuclear energy, costs across the entire life cycle of the wind turbine must be reduced. With existing technology, access to the offshore structures is limited by the sea conditions to 200 days a year.


Our innovation will allow access to the wind turbines over 300 days per year, improving efficiency and reducing the overall cost of offshore wind by up to 3%.


Helios Touch is a modular wall light that uses moveable hexagon panels to design a unique artwork.


Turn the interior architecture of any space into the light source, swipe the wall and illuminate the path of your hand as it swipes across the surface. Match the mood by illuminating only the areas you touch.


Dyena OFFSHORE enables vessel operators to maintain operational oversight, maximising productivity and increasing wellbeing of staff.


A sophisticated marine monitoring system, developed in response to customer demand and engagement, it focuses on the industry-wide drive to reduce operating costs and improve safety.


Dyena OFFSHORE provides operational data that covers a wide range of offshore activities including vessel motion monitoring, crew tracking, system maintenance and remote working apps.


Various Packages are available depending upon requirements, from vessel warranty protection through to high resolution monitoring with multiple 6 axis sensors all collecting data for in depth studies on a vessels performance.


D-Cycle uses a split piston to completes the four engine strokes in a single crankshaft revolution.


Cyclic energy losses are reduced by using the top half ­­for the low stress functions and the combined halves for the high stress compression and combustion functions.

The engine can now use the Atkinson thermodynamic cycle instead of the conventional Otto Cycle, bringing another layer of efficiency.


Reducing the piston strokes results in a smaller engine size , delivering the improvements in vehicle downsizing and weight reduction that the mainstream automotive industry requires.


Ford Focus TC3 Racecar

The TC3 International Series was a new global Touring Car racing championship announced to begin 2015.

The exciting new series aimed to restore the ‘Touring Car Pyramid’ concept of cars that can compete at national, regional and international level and will appear in several Formula One™ events.

The cars were high powered, looked impressive with excellent dynamics, but designed to be low cost to maintain, allowing the teams to produce exciting racing on a sensible budget.

Engine: Turbo-charged petrol 2.0-litre
Torque: circa 410Nm
Power: circa 320 Bhp


Shock Mitigating Seats

As modern maritime operations become increasingly faster, so too does the pressure on professional marine operators to push the limits of the their craft and crew.


Shock Seating products were designed for the toughest environments, protecting the crew and ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition.


Reducing fatigue and improving comfort during daily duties enhances operational efficiency whilst allowing the operator to meet their duty of care.



Supplier to world’s finest superyachts


Highest standards of British Craftsmanship


Bespoke designs, customised to the client’s desire


6 to 12 metre superyacht tenders and chase boats