Coastal Fishermen

Cost Fully Refunded

Maritime Systems has extended its operations to Norway, providing the coastal fishermen a VMS using mobile data to reduce monthly charges.


Supplying VMS nationwide through local Norwegian dealers, we can provide the same quality service that has made us the largest I-VMS supplier in the UK.

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Approval Pending

Maritime Systems is currently engaged with the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries’ to approve our VMS for use on the Coastal fishing boats.


Installations are expected to commence in September 2022.


Device cost

7,000 NOK

This is fully refunded by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries’.

Monthly subscription

150 - 300 NOK

Contact your local dealer to discuss 

How to purchase

The VMS and air-time subscription will be available through Norwegian dealers.

Details will be published soon.

Prices exclude tax & VAT

Subscription Plans


£15 per month


£10 per month

This subscription covers the data airtime and operational costs to maintain the I-VMS service.

You will not be charged any subscription fees until the MMO deadline for your vessel length.

Prices exclude VAT

Smartphone App

You have full access to all your data via our iOS and Android App.

Monitor the position of your boat, view previous tracks and export data.

Only the MMO receives your data. No information can be viewed by other fisherman or external organisations.

Included in all plans

Upfront device cost refunded

Free installation

Spares always stocked locally

Also in Plus plan

Grant submission service

Free repair or replacement​

5 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Preferably the I-VMS is mounted within the wheelhouse or a locker where it is easily accessible to check the status lights.

No. It can go in the wheelhouse, battery locker or out of the way. Unlike previous I-VMS that used satellite communications to send data to the shore, this uses mobile phone technology to send data, and this does not require clear line of sight to the sky. 

There are 2 status LEDs on the unit that clearly indicate if it is operational and has GPS fix.

The installation engineer will test the mounting location to ensure that adequate GPS and mobile signal is available. In our experience it will be fine as long as it is near a window. It can  also go on the roof or an alternative location.

There is no fixed period. You may cancel your contract at any time.

The VMS is supplied fitted with a sim card and data subscription work anywhere in Europe, uploading GPS position at the 10 min update frequency required by the FMC. No extra costs or action is required by the customer.

Local engineers authorised by Maritime Systems will install the VMS device on your vessel. (This is a legal requirement)

The details below apply to English vessels. Alternative terms may apply to other regions.


The following terms supersede Maritime Systems standard terms and conditions.


All I-VMS Plans:

The upfront cost you pay for the device applies that you agree to the monthly plan at the monthly cost shown. Subject to terms.

Monthly charges commence after installation.

The upfront cost includes the initial installation of the I-VMS device on a fishing vessel and registration of the I-VMS with the relevant authorities VMS hub. You will not be charged by the installer for labour or travel costs, subject to terms.

Installation of the I-VMS device must be conducted by agents authorised by Maritime Systems. (This is mandated by the I-VMS legislation.) You must provide assistance to the installer and be available at reasonable times to allow them access to the vessel.

We reserve the right to charge additional costs if you are not available at a pre-arranged time for the installation and an alternative date must be arranged.

Transferring the I-VMS device to another vessel may incur additional costs.

Agreement to the monthly plan implies that you agree for Maritime Systems to share your details with relevant companies and authorities to setup and provide the service to fulfil the requirements of the I-VMS.


Flexible Plan:

You may pause your subscription for a period of up to 8 months in each calendar year by contacting Maritime Systems to notify us of your request. The pause period will begin at the next monthly billing date, and monthly charges will recommence at the end of the pause period.

Pause period are defined as whole months.

You may recommence the I-VMS service before the end of the agreed period, by contacting Maritime Systems to notify us of your request. If the new date is within a monthly billing period, you will be charged for the complete month.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with the relevant legislation whilst the subscription to the I-VMS service is paused.

Maritime Systems reserves the right to inform any relevant authority that you have paused your subscription to a monthly plan.



The monthly plan can be cancelled at anytime, by contacting Maritime Systems to notify us of your request. Cancellation will take place at the next monthly billing date.

After cancellation of your subscription, the online connections to your equipment may be suspended and it will cease to provide location reporting functions.

It is your responsibility to inform the relevant authorities that you no longer have an operational I-VMS device. Maritime Systems reserves the right to inform any relevant authority that you are no longer subscribed to a monthly plan.

Price Increases:

Any changes to the monthly subscription price will be
limited to the UK Retail Price Index (RPI).

The Retail Price Index (RPI) is a measure of the rate
of inflation – this is the change in prices for goods and services over time.
It considers the cost of housing like council tax and mortgage interest payments.
RPI weightings are based on Food Survey and Office of National Statistics



All devices are supplied with a warranty period defined by the terms of the chosen subscription plan.

  • Standard I-VMS plan: 5 years, extended with continuous cover whilst you maintain your subscription.
  • Essential’s plan: 2 years

The warranty provides free repairs for the defined period.

The warranty does not cover damage or wear and tear.

This Warranty does not replace or affect your statutory rights in any way

This Warranty provides warranty cover for the defined period for the repair of the I-VMS if it suffers from electrical or mechanical breakdown.


What is covered?

If your I-VMS suffers from electrical or mechanical breakdown through normal use during the Warranty Period we will repair it for free, including all parts and labour. Electrical or mechanical breakdown means the phone developing a fault through normal use.

In the event that we (in our reasonable opinion) deem that the I-VMS is beyond repair, or if for any reason we can’t repair it, we will instead offer you a replacement I-VMS from refurbished stock or a new device. If no equivalent replacement is available we‘ll discuss an alternative settlement with you, and we’ll always do our best to make sure that you’re satisfied with the outcome.


What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover any device or accessory other than the I-VMS you have received from Maritime Systems. It does not cover any repairs if your I-VMS is damaged as well as faulty.

It does not cover:

  • Wear and tear (for example the battery not charging correctly after some time), rusting or other deterioration due to normal use or exposure, or where you have failed to follow the instructions for the I-VMS device.
  • Any damage, whether to hardware or software and whether accidental or deliberate, for example if your I-VMS device has been dropped. You may find that this type of damage is covered by your vessel or other insurance policy
  • Any fault caused by unauthorised modifications or alterations to the functionality of the I-VMS or the installation, including electrical wiring and power connections.
  • If you have lost your I-VMS device or had it stolen
  • Cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents, corrosion or other cosmetic damage whether external or internal, where the function of the product is unaffected
  • Servicing, inspecting or cleaning of the product
  • Malfunction caused by routine servicing, inspection, maintenance, repairs. dismantling or cleaning the I-VMS if carried out by persons not authorised by Maritime Systems.
  • If we repair or replace your I-VMS device under this warranty, we warrant that repair for the defect concerned, or the replacement I-VMS device for the remaining time of the warranty or for 30 days from the date of the repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

How to arrange a repair under the Warranty

Contact Maritime Systems or your local authorised agent.


Repairs and replacement outside of warranty cover.

Maritime Systems reserves the right to offer repairs and replacement at no cost or reduced cost for fault or damage that is not covered by the warranty.