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MS-44 is not approved for use in England

Maritime Systems is the nationwide supplier of I-VMS systems. With the largest subscription of fishermen, we can provide a quality service and offer extra benefits to our clients. 

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How it works

You register with us, and we will inform your local engineer to arrange an installation.

The earlier you register the more time we have to ensure that you are installed before the deadline.

You can have I-VMS installed before the deadline so we don’t disturb your fishing later in the year. We will not begin your subscriptions charges until the deadline for you boat length.

Registration Costs


Subscription Plans


Unlimited warranty
£ 20 per month
  • 12 months free airtime*
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Subs pause for seasonal fishers​^
  • Free installation
  • Local engineers
  • Free support
  • iOS and Android App​
  • Grant application support


Free airtime
£ 15 per month
  • 12 months free airtime*
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free installation
  • Local engineers
  • Free support
  • iOS and Android App​
  • Grant application support


Lowest monthly fees
£ 10 per month
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free installation​
  • Local engineers
  • Free support
  • iOS and Android App​
  • Grant application support

Smartphone App

You have full access to all your data via our iOS and Android App.

Monitor the position of your boat, view previous tracks and export data.

No information can be viewed by other fisherman or external organisations.

Grant Submission Service

Maritime Systems is committed to supporting inshore fishermen, many of whom are missing out on the funding opportunities enjoyed by the larger fishing operators.

The in-house team will complete and submit grant applications with payment direct to your account.

Up to 80% grants for electrics, deck equipment, safety upgrades, heating and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preferably the I-VMS is mounted within the wheelhouse or a locker where it is easily accessible to check the status lights.

No. It can go in the wheelhouse, battery locker or out of the way. Unlike previous I-VMS that used satellite communications to send data to the shore, this uses mobile phone technology to send data, and this does not require clear line of sight to the sky. 

The White LED illuminates when data has been received form the unit, and 2 status LEDs on the unit that indicate if it has mobile data and GPS fix.

Yes, the MMO are finalising the details of the how you can still fish if the I-VMS device has malfunctioned. In this instance you would need to contact us or your local engineer to fix the device.

The installation engineer will test the mounting location to ensure that adequate GPS and mobile signal is available. In our experience it will be fine as long as it is near a window. It can  also go on the roof or an alternative location.

We have an agent who can submit the grant application on your behalf, and you will be paid directly by the MMO. 

Unfortunately the MMO cannot pay us directly.

Please complete a separate subscription for each boat.

There is no fixed period. You may cancel your contract at any time.

Proud to Support the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society

A donation to this important charity will be made for every I-VMS installation .