The Vessel Impact and Motion Monitoring System (VIMMS) is designed as a direct response to the maritime industry’s requirement to monitor crew and vessel levels of shock and vibration on both crew and vessels during operations in waves and at high speeds.

VIMMS includes a helm unit and two remote sensors for measuring accelerations on the vessel structure and at the helmsman’s seat.

Twin LED display provides simultaneous information on the impacts received by the vessel and crew.

Configurable settings allow the operator to set relevant thresholds to match LEDs response to the vessels expected operating conditions.

In partnership with Shockwave Seats.


Real-time monitoring provides situational awareness of crew and vessel

Shock and vibration data recorded for review and analysis

Daylight readable display, fully dimmable for night operations

Customizable thresholds and limits

Crew and Hull Integrated Monitoring


Encrypted Data Downloading Via USB And Viewing On Secure Software Platform

All Data Encrypted To The Client’s Requirements

Compact Flush Mounted Dashboard Unit With Internal GPS

External Sensors For Seats And Hull Mounting