Letter from MMO to say they will not respond to any more requests

18 August 2023

Dear Mr Glover,


I write to you further to our letter to you of 28 July 2023 in which MMO set out the approach it would take if it were to continue to receive ongoing requests from you which were of a voluminous and repetitive nature. MMO stated we have already used a significant amount of time responding to your continued correspondence, which is diverting resource away from other important duties we are required to undertake. As a result, we consider these letters set out our final position and we will not respond to any further correspondence from you on these specific matters.


MMO has continued to receive a large volume of correspondence from you regarding the I-VMS roll out. You have made multiple requests for information under the Access to Information and Subject Access Request processes and you have made a number of complaints under the MMOs complaints process. Much of this correspondence relates to the same information and to the same complaints. Our records show that we have to date responded to around 55 emails from you, many of which involve information requests. We have logged, investigated and resolved a further 16 cases from you in relation to I-VMS and we have responded to around 25 letters received from MP’s raising issues with MMO on your behalf.


To date we estimated that we have spent over 115 hours responding to this correspondence. We believe the amount of time we have spent on this to be unreasonable. This is diverting MMO from its statutory functions and its ability to conduct its business as usual. From the date of this letter, MMO will not respond to any further correspondence from you which raises issues, or which sets out information requests, which are substantially similar nature to those issues and requests we have already responded to. Any further requests you make of the same nature will be considered to be vexatious and/or manifestly unreasonable and will not be further responded to. We will of course, continue to deal with correspondence around issues, or requests for information, which are materially new or different in nature to those we have already responded to in full.


MMO is aware that it is still required to respond to you in relation to the following matters: • IR-ATI3081 by 31/09/23 • IR-ATI3082 by 31/09/23 • IR-ATI3094 & ATI3095 by 31/09/23 • ATI3113 by 14/09/23 These will be responded to within the timescales referenced above.

Moving forward, any contact with the MMO must be conducted in line with the measures outlined above and should there be further instances of contact which we deem to be unreasonable additional action may be taken.

Yours sincerely
Laurie Rodwell
Service Exception Lead
Marine Management Organisation


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