Dyena LiveTRAX for autonomous fishery monitoring


Southampton, Hampshire, UK.    19th January 2019

Continuing their release of new products; Dyena has launched its new fisheries VMS system.  A response to the industry requirement for low cost vessel monitoring systems deploying across entire fleets of small fishing vessels. Building upon their experience of supplying VMS solutions for offshore projects including the Rampion and Galloper Windfarms, the new Dyena LiveTRAX system is very simple to install and includes safeguards against improper use or tampering.

This data provides the Fishery Authority with real data to evaluate and plan the management of the fish stocks in their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), now particularly relevant with the replacement of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. Sharing this data with other departments will provide a greater understanding of commercial fishing activities within the EEZ and its interaction with the fish stocks of surrounding areas.

Based on the proven Dyena OFFSHORE platform, Dyena LiveTRAX operates autonomously, sending location reports to the authorities VMS Operation Centre for live display on their system or within Dyena’s online portal. With most vessels remaining in coastal waters, information is transmitted over the mobile GSM network to reduce operating costs, with all data stored to the internal memory for automatic synchronisation later if there is network interruption.

The safety of single-handed vessel operators is increased with a fail-safe wireless crew alert facility. The size of credit card, if the vessel operator falls overboard or becomes incapacitated the system alerts the VMS hub immediately with the vessels position, course and speed to aid in safe retrieval of the operator.

Dyena LiveTRAX also records crew and vessel exposure to vibration and impact, with further sensors added if required. Dyena has developed smartphone apps to compliment the system and custom reporting features can be tailored to the authority’s requirements.

For more information, visit http://www.dyena.com or contact a member of the team on +44 (0)2380 231 991 or info@dyena.com

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James Glover

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Dyena | About

  • Dyena Limited was formed in 2005 as a design consultancy by MD, James Glover.
  • Dyena is a multi-faceted design engineering company based in the UK, producing its own range of products and providing consultancy support for clients around the globe.
  • Headquartered in Southampton, UK, Dyena began manufacturing products in 2011.
  • Dyena’s maritime offerings include the design and support of connected ​vessel monitoring and crew tracking, for increased safety and performance, suitable for all vessel types across the commercial marine and defence sector.
  • Dyena’s automatic calibration and on-board processing ensures ease of data gathering, combined with robust reporting.
  • The latest system, Dyena OFFSHORE™, has been designed as an intuitive product with modules to expand the capabilities to include vessel monitoring, crew tracking, health surveillance and conditional-based servicing.
  • Benefits of Dyena OFFSHORE™ include, reduced operating costs, crew safeguarding and connected monitoring and reporting.

Website                       www.dyena.com

LinkedIn                       https://www.linkedin.com/company/dyena/

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