Access grants & funding

No upfront costs

Experienced Agents

Fishermen often do not have the resources to apply for grants and are missing out on many funding opportunities enjoyed by the larger fishing operators. 

How we can help

Our experienced grant agents will advise you on what funding is available, preparing and submitting the paperwork on your behalf.

Once approved, you can proceed with the work, and when completed we will submit the final paperwork to get your grant paid. 

What does it cost

For our subscribers, there is no charge for the submission of your grant application.

Win Fee - 5%

This is charged on the amount of funding you receive.


There is no charge for the I-VMS grant. That is included in your subscription.

Eligible projects

Applications should be focussed on improving the safety or efficiency of your vessel and fishing activities.

Available refunds for under 12m

Static Fishing


Mobile Fishing


Shore based equipment


(Sorry, engines, AIS and radar is specifically excluded.)

Recently funded

This does not include the I-VMS refund – That is 100% refunded and we do not charge a fee

Proud to Support the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society

A donation to this important charity will be made for every I-VMS installation .